• soil sampling


Centrol Crop Consulting provides up to 3 depth soil sampling services. We can sample down to 42” using our in cab and rear mounted hydraulic probes. Centrol’s trucks are equipped with GPS allowing for soil sampling repeatability.

Centrol’s Standard Soil Sampling includes the following:
NO3-N • P • K • S • pH • OM% • Salts • Chloride • Zinc
Our Complete Soil Sampling test includes:
NO3-N • P • K • S • Cl • Cu • B • Zn • Ca • Mg • Mn • Na • Carbonates • pH • OM% • Salts • %BS • CEC

All of Centrol’s samples are dried before being shipped. Centrol sends all samples to Agvise Laboratories in Northwood, North Dakota. Samples can be sent to other labs upon request. Please notify us upon scheduling if you would like samples sent to a different laboratory. Additional charges may apply to accommodate such requests.

Additional tests that can be conducted by Centrol staff include water, manure, and tissue tests.

Contact Centrol here for current soil sampling prices or schedule this service.


Centrol Crop Consulting provides season long crop monitoring services for the following commodities on a per acre basis:

  • wheat
  • durum
  • barley
  • peas
  • mustard
  • canola
  • lentils
  • corn
  • flax

Contact Centrol for current prices and discounts. Additional crops may be added so please inquire.

Crop monitoring clients will receive a weekly visit and report from Centrol that includes crop stage and detailed information on any weeds, diseases, insects, nutritional deficiencies and environment conditions found for each field. Chemical recommendations will also be made accordingly.

Custom monitoring may be performed as requested. This services is usually done using an hourly rate. Contact our team for details.

Centrol does all infield crop monitoring via ATVs.


Centrol also provides Variable Rate Prescription services. Whether you are in the CSP or EQIP programs or just on your own, we can write variable rate prescriptions for you. We’ll help you set up soil sampling zones based on either satellite imagery or yield monitor data. Our team will then sample those zones, work with you to finalize your variable rate parameters, and then write the prescription appropriate for the application you use.

Centrol can write variable rate prescriptions for both dry and liquid fertilizers, as well as straight or blended products. Contact our team for more information.