Frequently Asked Questions
Is CENTROL part of a co-op?

No, CENTROL, LLC is a 100% independently own business.

Is CENTROL part of any other retail/wholesale chemical or fertilizer company?

No, CENTROL is not part of or allied with any retail/wholesale chemical or fertilizer company. Our recommendations are based on what we feel is best for your operation. Where you buy your inputs is your business.

Does CENTROL sell any products?

The only products CENTROL, LLC sells are GPS products as a Sub Dealer for Triangle Ag Services. CENTROL, LLC does not sell any chemical or fertilizer products.

What does it cost for your services?

All monitoring and soil sampling services are done per acre. Contact us for current rates and discounts.
Water, Manure, and Tissue samples are billed per sample. Contact us for current rates.

Are all of your services packaged together?

No, all services are contracted separately. You can choose as many as you want. Discounts are based on total acres per service.

What soils lab does CENTROL, LLC use?

We dry and grind our samples on location and then ship to Agvise Laboratories. Samples may be sent to other labs upon request. Additional charges my apply.

What area does CENTROL, LLC cover?

CENTROL, LLC primarily covers the area between the Canadian border and Great Falls and the Rocky Mountain Front and the Chester/Ft Benton Highway. Areas by be covered for additional costs.