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Centrol has created this page to address some of the most common questions we are asked by current and potential clients. If you have any questions that are not answered on this page please contact us.

Is Centrol Crop Consulting part of a co-op?

No, Centrol, LLC is not part of a co-op. Centrol Crop Consulting is a 100% independently own business located in the heart of Montana.

Is Centrol part of any other retail or wholesale chemical or fertilizer company?

No, Centrol is not part of or aligned with any retail or wholesale chemical or fertilizer company. The recommendations made by Centrol are always based on what we feel is best for your specific operation. We strongly believe that where you buy your inputs is your business.

What is the cost of services provided by Centrol?

All monitoring and soil sampling services provided by Centrol are done per acre. Contact us here for current rates and discounts.

Water, manure and tissue samples are all billed per sample. Contact Centrol here for current rates or more detailed information.

Are all Centrol services packaged together?

No. Actually, all services provided by Centrol are contracted individually. Clients can choose to use just one service or several—it all depends on what you need for your operation. Our goal is to provide the services you specifically need as we know that every operation is different and presents individual needs. Discounts are based on total acres per service.

What soil lab does Centrol use?

At Centrol, our team dries and grinds our samples on location. We then ship samples to Agvise Laboratories. Samples may be sent to other labs upon request—please make your needs and preferences known as early as possible. Additional charges may apply.

What area does Centrol serve?

Centrol primarily covers the area between the Canadian border and Great Falls and the Rocky Mountain Front and the Chester/Fort Benton Highway. Extended areas may be covered for an additional cost.