• agronomic consulting

CENTROL, LLC is an independent crop consulting company covering dryland and irrigated acres in Glacier, Toole, Liberty, Pondera, Chouteau, Teton, and Cascade counties. CENTROL, LLC monitors a variety of crops for weeds, insects, disease, and nutritional deficiencies. CENTROL, LLC makes their recommendations based on their findings in the field. CENTROL, LLC is not tied to in any way to any chemical manufacturer or distributor.

CENTROL, LLC also provides GPS guided soil sampling (3 depth), GPS Equipment Sales and Service, Field/Crop History Records, and Variable Rate Prescription writing.

Full Service Agronomic Consulting
• Soil testing
• Crop Planning
• Scouting
• Fertilizer Recommendations
• Variable Rate Prescriptions
Consult on over 50,000 acres and soil sample on over 100,000
• Hired by the Grower
• Per Acre Rates with early sign up and whole farm discounts
• 90% Grower Retention
Agronomists Verified Experience
• 2 full time consultants
• Past Retail Chemical and Fertilizer Experience
• Members of Montana Agricultural Business Association