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Centrol Crop Consulting, LLC is an independent company providing agricultural soil sampling and crop consulting services. Crop planning and crop monitoring are offered for both dry land and irrigated acres in Montana.

Centrol, LLC monitors a large variety of Montana crops for weeds, insects, disease, and nutritional deficiencies. Centrol employs two Certified Crop Advisers, with vast experience in the industry, to help maximize your production. In addition, Centrol serves growers with scouting services, fertilizer recommendations, GPS guided soil sampling, and variable rate prescription writing for both dry and liquid fertilizers. Centrol, LLC is not tied to any chemical manufacturer or distributor. Click here to learn more about our Services (hyperlink to Services page). The team of Centrol primarily serves the Golden Triangle area of Montana, focusing on the area between the Canadian border and Great Falls and the Rocky Mountain Front and the Chester/Fort Benton Highway.


Centrol’s standard soil sampling tests includes NO3-N, P, K, S, pH, OM%, Salts, Chloride and Copper. Our complete test includes NO3-N, P, K, S, Cl, Cu, B, Zn, Ca, Mg, Mn, Na, Carbonates, pH, OM%, Salts, %BS, and CEC.


Centrol Crop Consulting provides crop monitoring for wheat, durum, barley, peas, mustard, canola, lentils and corn. All crop monitoring services are provided on a per acre basis. Centrol provides clients with weekly visits and reports that include crop stage and detailed information on any weeds, diseases, insects, nutritional deficiencies and environment conditions found for each field under contract. Custom monitoring may be performed as requested usually on a per hour rate.

Are you ready for Spring? Centrol is now contracting monitoring acres for the 2021 season. Early sign up and whole farm discounts available.

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